Events like company celebrations, birthdays, or party’s without music - inconceivable!

If a music band is too expensive, an entertainer appears too inflexible, you will pick the right choice with me.

With a music repertoire from far over 2.500.000 songs in each only imaginable music direction, there is to leave nothing to be desired.

Even special events like Halloween party’s, o-30 (over thirty) party’s, Latin nights, oriental nights, Rock’n’Roll nights are no problem at all.

Are you indecisive what kind of music you would choose for your event? I give you gladly tipps for a succeeding happening!

Sound system (sufficient for approx. 25O persons). Exposure to sonic waves:
. * Double CD player Pioneer CMX 3000
. * Rodec mixer MX 18O III
. * 6 x Yamaha MSR 4OO [active]
. * 2 x Yamaha MSR 8OO [active] subwoofer
. * 6 Speaker / stands
. * 4 x LD Systems LDP-82 [aktive]
. * 4 Speaker / stands
. * Micro Shure SM58 S
Which is finally used, depends on the conditions locally and one adapts.