Name? Hans Oczko
Where born? Frankfurt/Main
When? Once upon a time
DJ since? 1976
Residence? Hattersheim/Main


Song? Ballroom Blitz [The Sweet]
Band/Interpret? SAGA, Journey, Patti LaBelle.....Es gibt so viele gute...
Style? Rock/Pop/Soul/Funk/House

Recent concerts:


Since I was ten, I was a constant listener of the musical request program on Wednesday (my siblings and I were secretly laying under the bedcover, weren’t permitted to stay up that long, following the music program until midnight with a transistor radio). When I was a teenager I loved to meet my best friends and we were listening on Thursday the HR3 “Hitparade” with Werner Reinke. It was a real cool time…always having the cassette recorder in hand to tape the best songs. I always wanted to produce music myself and I was the one who presented the music on party’s and other events.

First bought single album:

Middle of the Road - Sacramento, a bit scratchy now, but still running.

First bought long-play album:

Ike & Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits

I am brought up during the 70’s, therefore the sound of it is very familiar to me. During this time already the first attempts at the cassette recorder and tape to remix music.

I enjoyed the music of the 80’s and 90’s. Occasionally again and again appearances as DJ in small clubs and happenings.

In the 90's first electronic productions at the computer with loops and samples.

Some Jam sessions with friend musicians and DJ's, with the success of co productions.

Today music productions with the current emphasis on „House,
Chill-Out and World music“.