Ibiza - Hippie market and Namaste    
  The balearen island Ibiza was in the time of flowerpower a popular vanishing point of the Hippie movement. Many remained faithful for their life-style and the island. The Hippie markets are for a long time already trip goals of the holiday-makers, who come into crowds. Nevertheless much of the original charm is still received. Namaste is a kind multi-ethnical culture celebration, which takes place in hot summer nights in a beautiful environment. Let entice itself. Extraction from the DVD “a journey after Ibiza” (ISBN 3-938588-04-7).
    04:35 pm
Ibiza    DVD sale    
  Ibiza - The old part of town of Eivissa; Night life of the Lifestyle and Techno & Houseszene; The original Ibiza in the north of the island; Lazy afternoon at the Rolexbeach. Extraction from the DVD “a journey after Ibiza” (ISBN 3-938588-04-7).
    06:23 pm
Mallorca: Andraitx, Valldemossa, Deià,…    
  The southwest of the balearen island Mallorca. Andraitx, Puerto de Andraitx, Valldemossa, Son Marroig, Deià - Mallorca from its calm and beautiful side. Extraction from the DVD “a journey after Mallorca” (ISBN 3-938588-05-5).
    06:22 pm
Cuevas de Mallorca    DVD sale    
  A journey to the underworld of the balearen island Mallorca. Cueva del Drach and Cueva dels Hams. An extraction from the DVD “a journey after Mallorca” (ISBN 3-938588-05-5).
    04:43 pm
Andalusia: Ronda    
  Ronda, the city in the hills before the sun coast - the Costa del Sol. Already worth seeing by their spectacular situation at the edge of a deep ravine, in addition, because it features the oldest spanish bull fight arena, which is still in use. The way there leads by the varied central mountain landscape, which follows the coastal region around Malaga, past at many of the famous white villages. Andalusia offers evenly more than sun and beach. Accompany us to Ronda - eventually it is at the time to plan the next vacation. - An extraction from the DVD “a journey after Andalusia” - ISBN 3-939588-03-9.
    04:53 pm
Andalusia: Sevilla    DVD sale    
  Sevilla, the metropolis Andalusiens. A historical city, it stands probably earliest for catholic Spain - in addition, for the Flamenco. A landmark is the Giralda, the bell tower of the cathedral Santa Maria - before times Minarett of the mosque. Next door the Alcazar, the king castle. The Plaza de Espana with the magnificent castle. From Sevilla Christoph Columbus with the benediction from catholic kings took off, in order to look for India and find America. We follow him along the Guadalquivir to the coast, past at the nature park Doñana. Come with us. - An extraction from the DVD “a journey after Andalusien” - ISBN 3-939588-03-9.
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